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As an entrepreneur, you have a gazillion things to worry about every day - from navigating these uncertain times to developing your product into a scaleable solution and nailing your perfect growth channels. You know that recruiting for your startup is critical to your success, but it’s also time-consuming and often expensive.

You've placed ads on job boards only to receive many off-target applications. You may have also tried hiring through an agency and had to hide the bill from your investors. You feel your time and your hard-won money should be better spent... and you're right! are experts in startup recruiting and funding. We support founders of startups and scale-ups that don’t yet need an in-house recruiting and HR team, but still need those efficiencies. Such Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) arrangements are common for big corporations, and we've found a lean way to make this work for any startup or scale-up on low fixed fees from $3900 / USDT 3900 / €3300 / £2900* per hire.

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Ray Gibson, CEO & Founder

We support >200 startup and scale-up teams from San Francisco to Sydney. Including... :)

For Your Inspiration

How We Work

  • We discover your unique recruiting needs in a kick-off call 
  • We help you craft compelling job descriptions that showcase your story, vision and opportunities
  • We invite you to our free Applicant Tracking System to review your jobs and candidates

Talent hunt

  • We establish a thorough selection process with our recruiting experts
  • We review hundreds of applications, run the skills and language tests, phone screenings, etc.
  • We coordinate interviews in your diary for 3-5 "truly gifted" individuals per job until an offer is made

Celebrate your new A-players

  • We charge success fees from €3300 / US$3900 / USDT 3900 / £2900 * per hire upon offer and acceptance of a job by a candidate we processed (much less than the 15-25% of annual salary that traditional staffing firms charge).  


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Why We're Different

  • We charge low fixed fees from $3900 / USDT 3900 / €3300 / £2900* per hire - we reduce cost-per-hire by 70-80%
  • ​We think and operate like founders and not like an agency
  • We screen candidates that work well in a startup culture of rapid growth in a fast-changing environment 
  • We reduce time-to-hire to days rather than weeks and maintain high quality of hire​
  • We help you build and protect your employer brand
  • We help you understand your ROI with weekly updates and stats
  • Our clients become GDPR-compliant immediately while using our tools (don't underestimate this!)
  • ​Enjoy transparent pricing - no monthly fees; no subscriptions; no long-term contracts; no hidden costs
  • Join a club of founders with growing resources, advice and a network of valuable contacts

​​If, like us, you believe in rainbows, unicorns, 10x developers and hungry sales hackers, come and join our club!
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* Fixed and transparent global pricing

  • STANDARD HIRE: USD 3900 / USDT 3900 / EUR 3300 / GBP 2900 (for positions paying up to USD 79k / EUR 64k / GBP 54k total expected compensation)
  • SENIOR HIRE: USD 5500 / USDT 5500 / EUR 4900 / GBP 4200 (for positions paying USD 80-109k / EUR 65-89k / GBP 55-75k total expected compensation)
  • PREMIUM HIRE: USD 7900 / USDT 7900 / EUR 6900 / GBP 5900 (for positions paying more than USD 110k / EUR 90k / GBP 76k total expected compensation)
  • PREMIUM+: USD 15000 / USDT 15000 / EUR 13000 / GBP 11000 (for Co-founders, C-level executives and/or positions paying more than USD 179k / EUR 165k / GBP 140k total expected compensation)
  • Prices are fixed pre-search and will not be adjusted unless agreed upon by both parties. was launched by experienced entrepreneurs who have lived through all the ups and downs that a growing business brings. We've made every mistake you can make along the way - our aim is to save our clients the same pain and help them fulfill their dreams efficiently.

​We provide 
investor readiness programs to help founders get funded as well as efficient, cost-effective startup recruiting after that.

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