was founded in Spring 2019 and has grown to a fully decentralized team of 50+ consultants and recruiters from diverse backgrounds around the world - all with an entrepreneurial mindset.

We're scaling up rapidly now after achieving strong product-market fit and focusing recently on growth channels and partnerships. While we grow, we aim to retain the open and transparent approach to our projects and relationships that has helped us win repeat business around the world. 

Team Culture: ​
We have evolved into self-organizing teams with a modern, "Teal" work culture as described in "Reinventing Organizations" by Frederic Laloux. Good ideas emerge and grow from any part of the team. Decisions are made following an efficient and respectful "advice process". We encourage our team members to plan their own work schedules around family time and their life passions - not the other way around - and to seek meaning in all that they do.

Sustainability Goal: 
In a fast-changing world of compounding crises, is actively working towards supporting a customer base comprising at least 50% social businesses, sustainability solutions and good causes. We aim to bring the best possible talent to these organizations to help them grow efficiently and increase their positive impact on our collective future.

Customer oversight: ​
We work in full view of our customers by logging them into our backend recruiting tools as Hiring Managers. Our customers see their projects build towards success and while they're updated regularly by our team, they can also lean over our shoulders any time they like :)

Equal rewards, globally:
Our fixed-fee, global pricing standards also allow us to pay our team the exact same rewards no matter where they live in the world today. If our team and culture sounds exciting to you... join us!

(And no, the images below do not represent a hierarchy! :)

Americas team

Jyl McLaughlin
Global Director of Recruiting

Jyl has a vast amount of experience as a Career Specialist and Talent Partner. She has been preparing candidates for their job search and marketing them to employers for more than 20 years. As a talent partner, Jyl has worked for several years sourcing and recruiting candidates with recruiting firms. She brings a fresh perspective to on candidate sourcing, screening and matching and coaches our global recruiting team to success.

Melinda Funded team pics-circle
Melinda Grooms
Business Partner, Americas

Melinda, a CPA and Certified in Resource Management (CIRM), brought over 25 years of financial and manufacturing experience to global supply chain & business development roles. A long career in manufacturing within the sustainability sector, she brings passion to successfully fulfilling sustainability challenges and positions. Melinda has deep experience assisting CEOs with their start-ups from the most bold position, ground zero.

Mary Funded team pics-circle
Mary Parrish
Business Partner, Americas

Mary is an experienced sales professional who generated first revenues in 9 different startup organizations! C-Suite sales to Fortune 500, Global 1000,  and startups; Recruited, trained and managed 7 sales organizations.

John Lundell
Senior Recruiter, Americas

John brings a business background in operations, supply chain management, sales, and marketing, to his recruiting. He also has workforce development experience which provides a valuable 360 view of the hiring process. Based in Las Vegas, John focuses most on sales and tech recruitment.

Tim Clawson
Senior Recruiter, Americas

Senior Recruiter, Americas Tim has vast experience hiring and building teams for technology businesses in North America. He takes a keen interest in each of our customers at He has a unique recruiting style with the ability to keep a wide range of projects and requirements top of mind.

Tysha Tolbert
Tysha Tolbert
Senior Recruiter, ​Americas

Ty is an expert in resume writing, value-selling, and interviewing and has a knack for assessing needs for clients and candidates and making the connection.  Her roots stem from tech sales and she is a tactical and strategic communicator well versed in pitching, fit-mapping, and negotiations.

Rushpal Funded team pics-circle
Rushpal Singh
Senior Recruiter, Americas

Rushpal is a seasoned recruiter based in Nova Scotia who has demonstrated his expertise in technical hiring across North America. He focuses on analyzing the hiring needs and developing ways to speed up and improve the quality per hire.

Kezia Funded team pics-circle
Kezia McDougal
Senior Recruiter, ​Americas

Kezia is a Senior Recruiter with over 7 years of experience in technical recruiting, specifically.  Kezia prides herself on maintaining strong ethics and honest values when it comes to customer and candidate relationships.

Erika Funded team pics-circle
Erika Whitworth
Senior Recruiter, Americas

Erika brings more than 6 years of technical recruiting experience as well as engineering and ERP roles in various industries. Her relationship-first philosophy, resourceful problem solving, and determination to help her clients and candidates succeed makes her a dynamic recruiter at

JD Funded team pics-circle
J.D. Hasna
Senior Recruiting, ​Americas

Accomplished Human Resources professional with a focus on Talent Acquisition and Talent Development. J.D.s accomplishments include leading the Talent Acquisition efforts at a large US brokerage firm and global pharmaceutical company. In 2014 J.D. built a US staffing firm, and partnered with Funded Club in 2022.

Jaclyn Hogan
Senior Recruiter, Americas

Jaclyn is an innovative and effective leader in Talent Acquisition with extensive experience in leveraging employer branding, full-cycle recruiting, developing training programs, and special projects. With more than 8 years of experience, she’s supported global brands such as McDonald's, Publicis Media, Jones Lang Lasalle, Amazon, and General Growth Properties.

EMEA team

Lucy Mackenzie
Senior Sales Manager, UK / EMEA

Lucy brings 20+ years of experience in recruiting to our team and is highly focused on getting great results, quickly. During her first 12 months recruiting, Lucy broke the record for fastest placement for a full-time permanent hire from at just 6 days from kick-off call to accepted offer. Now, Lucy is focused on sales and helping startups plan their hiring.

Carmen John
Senior Recruiter, EMEA

Senior Recruiter, EMEA Carmen brings 10+ years of experience in recruiting both in-house and agency-side across Europe. She is CIPD qualified and brings an empathetic approach to recruiting, gaining a deep understanding of both clients and candidates to ensure that career and organisational goals align.

Raffaele Magri
Senior Recruiter, EMEA

Raffaele is an international recruiter fluent in 4 languages and based in London. Familiar with Forex and financial markets, he is also a part-time trader.

Chris O'Grady
​Senior Recruiter, EMEA-APAC

Chris has a wealth of experience helping startups and scale-ups across EMEA and APAC grow and enter new markets. He is adept at sourcing top talent for both commercial and technical roles and brings a tenacious, success-oriented approach. He has a consistent record of delivery against demanding deadlines.

Gillian Rowe​
Senior Recruiter, EMEA

Gillian is an experienced recruiters and also a Certified Agile Scrum Master; MSP Programme Manager; Certified Microsoft MCSE and software engineer with 10 years experience running large global software development teams from start ups to large corporations.

Zaid Fredericks
​Senior Recruiter, EMEA

Zaid is an innovative headhunter with extensive experience helping clients around the world find the best talent in quick turnaround times. He uses a wide range of knowledge and expertise to ensure selected candidates have both the desired skill set and cultural fit for clients across EMEA.

Nic Papadopoulos​
Senior Recruiter, EMEA

Nic is a passionate recruiter based in the UK and working across EMEA for's customer searches. He has experience in talent acquisition across various sectors and industries. Prior to starting his career as a recruiter, Nic coached tennis for 18 years!

Eylem Funded team pics-circle
Eylem Atilgan
Senior Recruiter, EMEA

Eylem is a result-driven HR Professional with 18 years of hands-on experience in international recruitment, recruitment project management and client management. She has substantial experience in headhunting/direct search with a focus on mid to high-level profiles across many geographies with a strong understanding of IT, Technology, Fintech, Construction, Mining, Energy and Engineering.

Bulent Funded team pics-circle
Bulent Buyuksayar
Senior Recruiter, EMEA

Bulent is a senior recruitment consultant based in London, and he brings 14 years of experience in tech, engineering, marketing and sales recruitment. He has in-house experience with a global consumer goods company as an HR Business Partner and Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist. In addition to that, he was the leader of the development and deployment of global talent acquisition and employer branding projects.

Sandra Funded team pics-circle
Sandra Zafirova
Senior Recruiter, EMEA

Sandra is a highly experienced recruiter from Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. Fun facts about Sandra... she loves her naughty jack russell terrier, Marko; loves spending her hard-won income on traveling, and likes watching documentaries about the universe & space!

Sasha Marley
Business Partner & Advisor

Sasha is an Angel investor, entrepreneur and startup recruiting expert. She has been effective in recruiting and sales for 20+ years and has a true passion for building teams across Europe.

Johnny Funded team pics-circle
Johnny Skilling
Recruiter, EMEA

Johnny began recruiting in-house for an American startup and enjoys the fast-paced, exciting atmosphere of small companies. He is experienced working on a diverse range of roles, from technical to creative. In his free time, he likes spending time with his family, drawing, and playing capoeira.

APAC team

CJ Mhatre
Business Partner, APAC

CJ is a New Zealander living in Singapore with his family for over 15 years. He is an entrepreneur, mentor and sales leader who has invested decades building and growing fintech businesses across APAC.

Teo Gek Khim
Senior Sales Manager, APAC

Based in Malaysia, Khim brings investment banking and business experience to her conversations with founding teams and startups across the region. She holds the record for biggest sales lead in the first month of joining the team!

Jun Zhe Lee
Senior Recruiter, APAC

Highly self-motivated and result-oriented recruitment specialist with proven experience across APAC. JZ provides advice and recruits for all talent levels to help them reach their career goals and supporting the companies by attracting the talents that bring value and grow with them.

Anupam Pande
Senior Recruiter, APAC

Based in India, Anupam has great success in resourcing across the region, and especially into Sing, HK, PH, Australia. He's one of our confident deal closers who manages to find talent quickly, even when candidates have multiple offers from competing employers.

Ahmad Ramadhani
Senior Recruiter, APAC

Ahmad is a highly experienced recruiter based in Indonesia with 10+ years success sourcing talent across the APAC region and the rest of the world. Ahmad takes a humanistic approach to recruiting that helps maintain a short time-to-hire.

Emma Reavell
Senior Recruiter, APAC

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Emma is a HR partner and recruiter with heart. Emma is a resourceful headhunter who also has the experience (National Australia Bank, Ericsson, NetApp...) to guide leaders of fast-growing businesses on their journey.

John Robert Palomo
Senior Recruiter, APAC

John is an experienced recruiter for SaaS startups across APAC. He loves to work with hiring managers to find the right person for the job. During his free time he plays guitar with his 8 dogs at home.

Noor Funded team pics-circle
Ravnoor Kaur
Senior Recruiter, APAC

Ravnoor brings 8 years of experience in global tech recruitment and mentoring candidates in finding their own niche. Ravnoor is passionate about networking, connecting people with amazing opportunities, reducing time-to-hire, and delivering an amazing recruitment experience for all parties. 

Anji Funded team pics-circle
Angeline Roguel
Senior Recruiter, APAC

14 years of experience in HR/Recruitment in healthcare, manufacturing, IT, and staffing solutions. Anji is an expert in talent acquisition, project management, organizational development, and startups and has previously managed recruiting for 9 startup companies.

Jem Funded team pics-circle-1
Jem Angulo
Senior Recruiter, ​APAC / Europe

Jem is from Manila in the Philippines and has more than 15 years of recruiting experience in the APAC and Europe regions. Aside from his passion for recruitment, he is also passionate about music. He has a room full of vinyl records and loves pretending to be a superstar DJ from his living room :)

Jife Funded team pics-circle
Jife Lopez
Senior Recruiter, ​APAC

Jife has 6 years of recruiting experience in customer service, IT and healthcare. Experienced working with hiring managers and recruiters working on startup projects and high-volume recruitment, Jife enjoys looking for the right candidate while also planning and developing recruitment strategies to achieve targets.

Global consulting & support team

Neel Anil Mehta
Financial Controller

Financial Controller ​Neel is a chartered accountant with global experience. He tracks all incoming and outgoing payments worldwide to ensure all parties keep their promises of outstanding services matched with prompt payments. Neel can be reached at

Nenad Dojcinovski
Business Development

Experienced in B2B sales, sales development, partnerships, and specialized in implementing innovative sales strategies to create and build relationships with key decision makers.

Melina Papadopoulos
Investor readiness coach

Marketing and branding expert with a talent for aligning customer segments and messaging with business strategy. Founder of "Spark Your Brand", a marketing consultancy and agency, and "Lead Mindfully" that helps founders realize greater wellbeing, flow and fulfilment in their lives and careers.

Hans Spaan
Investor readiness coach

Financial strategist who gets to the nitty gritty of startup finances and fundraising. Holding supervisory and advisory board functions and formerly acting as CEO and CCO of multiple organizations. Gained profound experience in business transformation, business restructuring and strategy formulation.

Andrea Cocchi
Investor readiness coach

Value proposition and lean validation expert who coaches startups from raw fundamentals through to successful funding.


Experienced theatre and improv actor / director with a unique talent for coaching entrepreneurs in pitching and presentations.

Brands our team has supported